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Maps, imagery and data that anyone, anywhere can use:

  • Interactive, dynamic georeferenced PDF

  • Produced from leading geospatial applications

  • Continuous multi-coordinate display

  • Compact and portable

  • Layers and features from GIS

  • Supports georeferenced audio, video, data and other information

  • Offline capability

  • Two models: FUSION and FUSION Lite

  • 2D and 3D visualization

  • Patented methods and systems

Publisher Suite: TerraGo Publisher extends leading geospatial applications to create highly portable, interactive, multi-layered GeoPDF maps and imagery.

Composer Suite:TerraGo Composer integrates and assembles multiple maps, images, spatial data, and other intelligence into GeoPDF MapBooks to create comprehensive, information-rich geospatial products.

Collaboration Suite: TerraGo Toolbar and TerraGo Mobile enable end users to interact with GeoPDF, gather on-the-ground intelligence, and collaborate with other users.

Our advanced GeoPDF technology effectively compresses and integrates mapping information, imagery and data so that they can be widely disseminated. TerraGo software also provides collaboration capabilities, enabling field personnel to add invaluable gereferenced intelligence and field-level observations .

What is it?

TerraGo provides software that allows users to create and share interactive, geographically referenced PDF files.

What does it do?

The software combines different types of spatial intelligence into compact, portable, interactive files that can be widely disseminated and easily used and updated.

How can it help me?

The TerraGo software suites enable users to quickly combine spatial information from disparate sources, then convey it throughout an enterprise and even into the field and back. This saves time and money though streamlined workflows and more effective use of spatial resources.


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