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Public Safety Workshop

Field Data Access, Capture and Sharing

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Public Safety Workshop (PDF)

This workshop will enable participants to consider a variety of solutions for site and threat vulnerability assessments, incident response and event planning.

By request this workshop can be provided at or near your location. Cost and minimum registration attendance requirements are based on location.

Easy to use field data capture and access solutions can eliminate technology boundaries to data and allow for data creation by those in the field, who may have no background with Geographical Information Systems or databases. In times of disaster and emergency events these solutions can save lives and protect infrastructure and property.

With GIS professionals distributing their data in manageable formats, emergency responders can better leverage their agencies’ investments in geospatial data. Mobile data collection solutions provide for access to and creation of geospatial features and data by public works, planning, appraisers, emergency responders, operational managers and associated support personnel. These solutions can provide for intra-agency and interagency coordination for workflow requirements as well as a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each.

For groups this workshop may be modified to fit specific requirements.

  • Introductions

    Workshop Objectives

  • Capturx Pen Solutions for GIS, Forms and Site Plans.


  • Ricoh SE700 and iSTAR 360 Cameras.


  • Demo/Discussion

  • Demo/Discussion

What is it?

Seminars by GIS Services are training classes that demonstrate the integrated use of multiple geospatial products to achieve greater efficiency and reliable results.

What does it do?

These 4- to 8-hour workshops demonstrate how to integrate different hardware and software products to efficiently collect and disseminate geospatial data, even by those with little or no background with the technology.

How can it help me?

By gathering and distributing data more efficiently you will ultimately save time, lower costs, and increase productivity.

For information and scheduling, contact:

Barbara Stoddard, Training Coordinator

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