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  • LizardTech GeoExpress software reduces storage costs by compressing images to less than five percent of their original size using either the industry-standard MrSID® image compression format - including MrSID Generation 4 (MG4™)- or the ISO standard JPEG 2000 format, all while retaining the visual quality of the originals.

  • Imaging Software for Real-World Geospatial Workflows LizardTech® Express Suite® offers the complete package for your geospatial needs: you can manipulate and compress your imagery with GeoExpress®, and distribute your imagery over the Internet using Express Server®.

  • LizardTech® Express Server® software is built for easy integration and rapid distribution of massive images - including multispectral data. Easier than ever to install and administer, Express Server enables you to serve more users in less time using widely adopted standards and familiar tools. Express Server uses industry and ISO standards such as the WMS protocol and the MrSID®, JPEG 2000 and Geospatial PDF formats for trouble-free integration into geospatial workflows and fast delivery of high-resolution content. With Express Server, users everywhere access imagery faster - regardless of device or connection speed.

  • LizardTech® LiDAR Compressor™ software enables you to turn giant point cloud data sets into efficient MrSID® files that are just 25 percent or less of the size of raw data yet retain every return. Unlike raw LAS or ASCII data, LiDAR files compressed to the MrSID format are easily managed resources you can extract derivatives from over and over again.

What is it?

Lizardtech provides a suite of software products designed to make using digital imagery more efficient.

What does it do?

These products allow you to select, crop, mosaic, color balance, and compress digital images, then quickly deliver the results to any number of devices simultaneously, whether it's across a network, over the Internet, or through wireless connections.

How can it help me?

Lizardtech products work seamlessly across hardware platforms and with third-party software to deliver large volumes of georeferenced data quickly and reliably.


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