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NextMap 5

NextMap World 30

Best-of-class digital elevation
and terrain models

NextMap 5: Five-meter digital elevation data covering the continental United States, Western Europe, and sections of Asia-Pacific

NextMap World 30: Seamless thirty-meter digital elevation data covering the entire land surface of the world, including the polar ice caps.

NextMap 5

Supporting GIS professionals with the most comprehensive 3D terrain data for more efficient analyses.

Consider the benefits of immediate access to the best-of-class 3D terrain information for the world. Intermap Technologies®’ NEXTMap® database provides optimized, multi-sensor-derived digital elevation data and orthorectified radar images to enable accurate geospatial analyses in any area of interest.

Our NEXTMap digital surface model (DSM) is a first-reflective-surface model that contains elevations of natural terrain features in addition to vegetation and cultural features such as buildings.

Our NEXTMap digital terrain model (DTM) is a bare-earth model that contains elevations of natural terrain features such as barren ridge tops and river valleys. Elevations of vegetation and cultural features, such as buildings and roads, are digitally removed.

Both digital elevation models that Intermap offers are seamless, wide-area, and current terrain data so you can perform more accurate cross-border geospatial analyses in applications. Our NEXTMap DSMs and DTMs are available in two versions.

  • Hydro-enforced digital surface model – structures over water bodies (such as bridges) are removed, water surfaces are flat, and watercourses flow downstream – making them ideal for water resource and floodplain management applications.

  • Ortho-ready digital surface model – bridge decks are maintained in the elevation models, and major roads are smooth to accommodate the use of the surface models in orthorectification of optical images.

Our orthorectified radar image (ORI) is produced from our proprietary interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) sensors and provides an image in regions where there is persistent cloud cover. The orthorectified radar image is a grayscale radar image of the earth’s surface that has been corrected to remove geometric distortions caused by terrain.

The orthorectified radar image accentuates topographic features such as rivers, road networks, and vegetation boundaries. Many geospatial applications can be supported by our orthorectified radar image, including topographic and geological mapping, land coverage classification, and forestry analyses.

NextMap World 30

Get World 30 v2.0, the most accurate global terrain data available for the world!

Filling the void for accurate and reliable height data, Intermap’s NEXTMap World 30 offers the world’s most comprehensive digital surface models for the entire U.S., China, India, Russia, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific region and the polar ice caps.

NEXTMap® World 30™ v2.0, the latest version of the world’s most accurate global terrain product, integrates seamlessly with Intermap’s Orion Platform and provides a foundation data layer for Web-based 3D Business Intelligence (3DBI®) applications. NEXTMAP World 30 v2.0 is available for license via an Application Programming Interface (API) or via Intermap’s cloud-based WebStore™.

The World 30 digital surface model has a 30-meter ground sampling distance and filled voids that will give planners the accuracy they need. Industries which can benefit from our product include, but are not limited to, agriculture, telecommunications, energy, risk planning, water management, defense, military and a host of government services.

World 30 v2.0 has two distinct improvements. World 30 v2.0 has removed errors native to the ASTER GDEM v2 data in over 3,000 one-degree tiles north of 60 degrees latitude. For an average customer, using 80,000 square kilometers of global terrain data, these improvements will save at least 15 hours of manual editing time to correct the errors.
Additionally, the overall vertical accuracy of v2.0 has been improved by over 10 centimeters to a Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) of just 7 meters globally.

  • The improved World 30 v2.0 DEM utilizes over 204 million ground control points with an accuracy of 25cm RMSE or better, to control the vertical elevation of an aggregated surface model derived from ASTER GDEM v2, SRTM v2.1 and GTOPO30.The corrected DEMs were combined with Intermap’s proprietary data fusion technology to create a seamless, void-filled and consistent dataset with a global accuracy of 7 meters RMSE.

  • Other products available on the market only offer up to 30 percent of the earth. With NEXTMap World 30, customers receive 100 percent coverage of the earth’s entire 150 million square kilometers. The combination of photogrammetry, interferometry, and LiDAR technologies provides the most detailed and current elevations across the globe.

  • NEXTMap World 30 is constantly enhanced with the very latest and best elevation data. Under the NEXTMap maintenance program, customers will enjoy regular NEXTMap World 30 updates automatically.

  • Ideal for applications such as image orthorectification, line-of-sight calculations, feature extraction and topographic map development, flood risk management, infrastructure planning, precision farming, emergency response, and 3D visualization.

What is it?

World-class digital elevation data.

What does it do?

These data sets provide seamless, highly detailed, accurate and error-free elevations suitable for three-dimensional terrain modeling across the globe.

How can it help me?

You can be sure of accurate results from the start of your project, saving time, reducing delays, lowering costs, and providing greater confidence in your final results.


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