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Spike is an Award-Winning Measurement Solution for Measuring Features and Collecting GPS/GNSS Location from a Distance.
    Spike appeals to any industry and application that performs the inspection, assessment, and reporting of features, and where measurements and location are important. This includes:
  • Federal, State and Local Government Transportation Code Enforcement Disaster Relief Facilities Management and Maintenance Smart Cities/Smart Facilities Utilities Defense and Intelligence Agencies Public Works .

What is it?

Spike is an easy to use smart laser measurement solution for the novice to intermediate user, that is integrated with Esri’s Survey123 for ArcGIS mobile app. With Spike and Survey123, the inspecting, assessing, and reporting of assets and features is as easy as filling out a mobile form in the field, taking a photo with a smartphone or tablet, and automatically updating a geodatabase.

What does it do?

From a photo taken with your mobile device and Spike, you can measure areas, heights, widths, elevations, offset distance, and the offset GPS location of the features you need to document. Spike and Survey123 is solution for all types of geospatial applications allowing you to measure objects such as: external building features, signage, right-of-way, urban and rural environments, disaster sites, and natural features simply by capturing a photo.

How can it help me?

Using Spike provides a photo verifiable record of the feature being measured, delivering increased confidence in field surveys and measurements. Spike allows you to measure distant features that are either difficult or not possible to reach.


Visit ikegps.com/spike or contact us so that we may connect you with a representative.

Key Features

Photo Measure: real-time measurements from a photo

With Spike, your time to measure an object is reduced to minutes. Simply take a photo of the object you want to measure, such as a building or wall, using the Spike app and your smartphone or tablet. From that photo, capture measurements in real-time including height, width, area, length, and cutout area. Photos can be measured using the Spike app or the online-cloud based tools. You can access your photos at any time to remeasure, eliminating the need to return to the location for additional measurements.

Spike’s photo measurement capability allows you to measure hard-to-reach objects that would have otherwise required additional equipment, labor or tools. All it takes is one person to capture all the measurements you need, and while at a safe location and distance. You can also correct for angles, using the alignment tool, to improve the accuracy of your measurements.

Point-to-Point: measure the distance between two objects

Point-to-Point Measurements determines the distance between two objects. For example, to measure the distance between the side of a house and a nearby tree, a store front and a sign in the parking lot, the side of a highway and a light pole, a utility line and a tree or the ground up to the roof line of a house. Point-to-Point Measurements allows you to work quickly and capture hard-to-reach measurements from a safe distance.

Simply aim Spike at the first object, such as the side of a house, and take a photo. Then, aim at your second object, such as a tree or fence, and take a photo. Spike then calculates the distance between those two objects. In addition to the distance measurement, Spike also calculates the linear distance for vertical and horizontal measurements.

Measure from the app or from your desktop

Measure when and how you want using the Spike app on your smartphone or tablet, or from your desktop using the online-cloud based tools. Whether you work out in the field or in an office, you can view or measure your photos at any time. Both the Spike app and Spike Cloud allow you to view, measure, export and share your Spike photos and measurements.

Take a photo using the Spike app and your smartphone or tablet while out in the field, and either measure on site using the app, or upload your photos to the Cloud to measure back at the office. The Cloud can also be used by other team members so that they can view or edit the measurements they need to complete their job tasks.

Export and share captured photos and measurements

All measurements are saved with the photo, and can be exported and shared with your team, colleagues or customers. Use the exported photo and measurements as photo verification for reports or estimates.

The Spike app and Spike Cloud allow you to select the export format for your needs. From the Spike app you can export photos and measurements as a JPG, PDF, Spike file (XML), or KMZ. Spike files can be shared and edited between devices running the Spike app, and KMZ files can be imported into popular GIS tools, such as Google Earth. Photos that have been uploaded to the Cloud can be exported as a PDF, JPG (with measurements or image only) or a viewable URL.


The complete, customizable, and
verifiable pole data collection solution

  • PLAN
    The All-in-One Solution
  • GPS, laser rangefinder, digital camera & digital compass in a ruggedized field data collection device.
  • Output verifiable pole measurement data to industry standard file formats or 3rd party applications.
  • Field collection workers use pre-build device software tools to capture calibrated photos with a forms-based workflow.
  • Stabilizing tripod, hard shell case, extra batteries, SD memory card, and other accessories ship with each IKE device.
  • Build custom forms and create field collection workflows that are deployed to the device to ensure all data and photos needed to generate reports are captured.
Pole Data Collection Includes:
  • GPS Position
  • Digital Photo
  • Pole & Attachment Heights
  • Wire-Span Heights
  • Overhead Line Crossing
  • Vegetation Clearances

Electric Utility companies, Fiber Optic Communications companies, and Engineering Service providers use the IKE solution to:

  • Dramatically improve field and engineering productivity
  • Reduce pole inspection and joint-use audit costs
  • Streamline permit submissions and as-built processes

New technologies are revolutionizing the tedious, error-prone, and expensive field data collection process. With IKE, you can easily measure pole heights, overhead line crossing lengths, wire span heights, attachment points, and capture the pole’s GPS location – plus much more.

Back at the office, IKE's calibrated TrueSize photos and measurements can be utilized within pole loading analysis software, to create joint use reports and permit applications, or to archive within a GIS mapping platform.

Key Benefits

Your ROI could be realized during the first use: Our customers are reporting dramatically faster and more This translates to improved productivity, faster decision-making/permitting, satisfied clients, and cost savings. Verifiable, accurate, and consistent data: IKE eliminates human error by collecting geo-tagged photo verification of each pole. Attachment heights are accurate within ±1” and GPS location within ±3 feet. All data is collected digitally using customizable forms which drive field worker consistency. Safety first with unlimited access: Field workers can stand in a safe location to capture pole measurements and obtain data from hard to access or dangerous areas.

Customer Support and Services

IKE is developed, manufactured, and distributed by ikeGPS LTD, which means you’ll get the support and service that a small customer-centric company provides.


IKE 4 is ikeGPS’ fourth-generation field data collection solution and a solution capitalizes on years of customer scale field deployments and incorporates the latest mobile hardware and software technologies

IKE 4 will define the industry standard for collecting aerial / overhead electric distribution data. Core benefits include:

  • Increased field data collection efficiency – collecting data faster.
  • Lower acquisition costs – costs per pole is significantly reduced.
  • Open data format – faster and easier to integrate data with other applications, GIS and pole loading.
  • Easy to use – familiar smartphone user interface and experience.

Electric utilities, communications and engineering services companies can use the IKE 4 solution for:

  • OSP design and new attachment permitting.
  • Joint use audits.
  • Pole replacement, new construction, post construction as-built audits.
  • Regulatory compliance.
Device Features: The IKE 4 device incorporates the latest mobile technologies to produce a best-in-class high-performance, lower-power field data collection solution. Key device features include:
  • Android™ 5.1, Lollipop

    Easy to use, smartphone user interface and experiences

  • Wireless Connectivity

    Wi-Fi, bluetooth and broadband data

  • Extended Battery Life

    8 to 10 hours of continued usage

  • 13-Megapixel Digital Camera

    Larger viewing angle, reducing distance of capture point

  • Class 1M Laser

    300m and 650m distance options

  • GPS Receiver

    GPS L1 with RTK option

  • Outdoor Screen Readability

    4.8” capacitive, multi-touch Gorilla Glass screen: 1280 x 720 resolution

  • High-performance, low-power optimization

    MediaTek 64-bit quad-core ARM® Cortex®

  • Tripod – Easy to Set Up & Transport

    Lightweight, auto-lock mechanism and shoulder strap

Software Features: IKE 4 software is based on three software components:

IKE Field

To learn more about IKE 4, visit our website or contact us.www.ikegps.comIKE Field is an Android mobile app that is preloaded on the IKE Device. The app contains general measurements tools for field data collection and specialized utility pole measurements for pole heights, wire spans, attachment points, GPS location and more. Data collection is based on adjustable workflows with custom hierarchical forms that improve the productivity and efficiency in the field. Data collected with IKE Field is uploaded wirelessly to the IKE Office.

IKE Office

IKE Office is a cloud-based software service that has multiple functions. IKE Office is used to create and then deploy the IKE custom hierarchical forms. As data is collected in the field, it’s uploaded from the IKE Field app to IKE Office where it is used to perform functions such as measuring heights of attachment and quality assurance and quality control. IKE Office stores all of the photos, measurements and field data for long-term archiving and retrieval.

IKE Integration

IKE Integration provides a number of output options, enabling a user to create reports or directly integrate data into other applications or enterprise databases. Initially, report output formats include JSON, KMZ and PDF. Direct integration includes SPIDA Software’s SPIDACalc pole-loading analysis solution, GIS and other third-party software systems. Additional reporting file formats and system integrations will be released in subsequent software updates.

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