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Elevate the Impact of Your Digital Assets

Power creativity, collaboration, and productivity with discoverable assets

Say goodbye to poorly organized and disconnected filing systems that limit usage of your organization’s valuable assets, squander creativity, and challenge collaboration. Extensis Portfolio lets you create a single source for all of your images, videos, and documents so you can easily organize, find, manage, and use your assets effectively—even as your collection grows.

Support workgroups and workflows across the enterprise

Whether you’re a small or mid-size workgroup, in marketing or operations, Portfolio lets you access and share your digital assets with internal teams, partners, and customers—anywhere in the world. This trusted and affordable digital asset management (DAM) solution can be set up within days and used with your existing business systems and workflow. Portfolio includes everything you need to get started, right out of the box. Plus, flexible and cost-effective add-ons let you extend functionality when you need it.

Built to last. Calibrated to evolve. Driven by innovation.

With more than 20 years of R&D and customer feedback under its hood, Portfolio is a proven solution with a loyal customer base. As your needs evolve, so do our solutions. We innovate with best-in-class technology partners to bring you the most advanced and innovative asset management tools that maximize the value—and impact—of your digital assets. So you can do more of what matters.

Extensis Portfolio delivers:

  • Asset findability
    • Centralized file storage
    • Multiple search methods, including predictive, Google-like search
    • Powerful metadata and keyword tagging
    • Asset preview thumbnails and video snippets
  • Productivity
    • Quick file loading by importing or ingesting server files
    • Advanced search that can be saved as Smart Galleries
    • Ability to drag and drop files between Portfolio and creative apps, folders, and desktop
    • Automatic cataloging of watched folders
    • Instant asset distribution with NetPublish web portals
    • Ability to create custom scripts to meet specific workflow needs
  • Convenience
    • File format conversions on-demand
    • Built-in support for Active Directory / Open Directory
    • Optional Single Sign-On with LDAP integration
    • Mobile file upload from any iOS or Android device
    • Integrated rights management information via FADEL Rights Cloud's Connector
  • Control
    • Custom catalogs, folders, and galleries for the way you work
    • Flexible user management with permission-based roles
    • Asset check-out / check-in and locking
    • Secure, centralized asset storage
    • Version control and revision tracking
    • Built-in backup and restore of folder organization with a single click

Know more. Do more. Portfolio 2017.

With the latest release, Portfolio 2017 gives you more insight into each of your assets and more ways to make them incredibly usable—so you can improve workflow and accelerate collaboration. Enhancements include:

What’s New
Desktop client with drag and drop Conveniently drag and drop files between Portfolio and your creative apps, folders, and desktop.
Web client without Flash Access Portfolio from anywhere with an Internet connection and the new HTML5 web browser client
Rights Management via FADEL Rights Cloud's Connector Quickly understand the usage rights associated with your assets, remove workflow bottlenecks, and prevent copyright violations with Portfolio’s direct integration to your FADEL Rights Cloud license.
Advanced Smart Keywords control Save time and improve asset discovery by automatically associating keywords to images with enhanced Smart Keywords functionality. Configure the number and types of keywords that return with your queries, including keywords from more than 20 different languages. New engines will return keywords from specialty categories, including: Travel, Food, Apparel, Weddings, “Not Safe for Work,” and Celebrities.
Geo-referencing and Map View Get more powerful insight about physical assets—from their related digital assets with GPS metadata—by tracking their location and seeing them pinpointed on a world map.
Advanced file compression and powerful zoom Compress a raw image to 1/20th of its size with no noticeable change to the human eye. True lossless compression, which reduces file size by an average of 30%, is also supported. Powerful zoom and dynamic panning technology let you see the fine details of your high-resolution assets, even in preview mode.
Infinite scroll No more clicking through hundreds of pages of assets in your Main Window. Now you can smoothly scroll through your entire collection to find what you’re looking for.
Server-side scripting Create custom scripts to meet your specific workflow needs and run them as needed in Portfolio.
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