EMS supports all levels of clientele, from those who fully know GIS concepts,
to those who have little to no experience with GIS. Our custom tailored
approach to consulting develops a strategy that fits the end user.


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  • EMSWebMap

    EMSWebMap is the ultimate document management system providing web access to any spatially linked document such as engineering as-builts, emergency pre-plan data, site photos, and even videos.

EMSWebMap is a true out-of-the-box WebGIS application that is fully functional and customizable.

What is it?

Engineering Mapping Solutions is a separate consulting company that provides services in GIS consulting and data conversion.

What does it do?

EMS specializes in customized approaches to achieve the most efficient outcomes for their clients.

How can it help me?

EMS has the expertise to support or enhance your GIS implementation no matter what your level of need might be.


Contact us today to ask questions, arrange a demonstration, or place an order.

  • Consulting

    EMS supports all levels of clientele. Those who know fully GIS concepts, to those who have little or no experience with GIS. Our custom tailored approach to consulting develops a strategy that fits the end user. We meet to understand your needs and offer only those services necessary to ensure success. There is no "one size fits all" solution, we work hard to find the quickest and most efficient solution for our clients.

    Our goal is to achieve self-sufficiency for our clients. To ensure this, EMS spends the time necessary to train support end-user personnel, fully document all programming code, and use standard, widely used products.

    When custom applications are necessary, we use popular programming languages to ensure the end user can support the product.

    Our personal touch, the quality of our work, and the flexibility of our services are all reasons our clients continue to use EMS to support their GIS programs.

    GIS Design, Development, and Implementation

    Minimize the risk of starting a GIS system by leveraging the years of EMS experience on your team. A GIS can be a costly proposition if not approached correctly; our staff can assist in every detail of the strategic planning necessary to organize and focus organization efforts.

    We can evaluate existing data to assess its usability for the GIS, assist in system architecture and database design. Our cost-effective approach to GIS ensures our clients have solutions that are efficient and scaleable for future growth.

    Staffed with registered Civil Engineers, EMS stands ready to assist in all facets of the GIS development process. Our qualified staff develops GIS needs assessments and implementation plans. We assist in the development of all GIS data structures and assist in all implementation phases.

    We develop custom software applications that assist in the usage of GIS data in ArcMap 10.x (ArcObjects .NET SDK) using the new Add-in functionaltiy. Stand-alone applications developed in Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET.

  • Utility Conversion and Maintenance

    We handle the complete conversion of all utilities from hard-copy plans to seamless computer models. All data maintains its GIS data and relation to original as-built sheets which allows us to access the source sheet with a click of the mouse.

    Using state-of-the-art conversion methodologies, we converted over 250,000 as-built sheets over the past 15 years.

    Application of our stringent QA/QC polices ensure an accurate representation of your utility model.

    All data is model-ready thus can be used in any popular modeling software.

    In addition to using the scans for conversion purposes, they also serve as the original Document of Record. By using our custom EMSWebMap viewing tool, users can access the original conversion scans, then copy, paste, or directly print the document to any Windows-based printer.

    Utility Maintenance

    To provide a cost-effective maintenance solution to our clients, EMS has developed custom Arc-based toolbars. This tool provides all the robust editing facilities found in our CAD-based solution.


    Our goal was to develop a simple, affordable, yet powerful user interface for GIS data, tied directly to engineering documents. The ability to customize the interface proves very successful for field users who need simple access to data, saving hundreds of hours each year by having the data all on their field laptop.

    The EMSFieldMap (EMSFM) software product, base in MapObjects technology, is a proven GIS data viewing and engineering document management system rolled into one. It is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that brings geographic information to the computer screen.

    This affordable approach allows royalty-free, enterprise-wide distribution of the software, enabling anyone to access and use GIS. Our integrated approach to GIS design keeps costs down by enabling full access to all levels of users with minimal training -- regardless of their computer knowledge.

    Get the power to visualize, explore, query and analyze data quickly.

EMS WebMap

  • Innovative GIS web mapping solutions leveraging the ESRI Silverlight API

    EMSWebMap offers users a true out-of-the-box WebGIS application by providing a fully functional, and customizable application.
    EMSWebMap is an information portal with the ultimate document management system providing web access to any spatially linked document such as engineering as-builts, emergency pre-plan data, site photos, and even videos.

    CMMS Direct Edit Access

    EMSWebMap's custom modules allow users to interact with popular CMMS systems such as Hansen, Datastream and Lucity (GBA) databases. Leverage EMSWebMap to enjoy the best of both worlds, world-class web mapping access married to your current CMMS investment.

    Centralized Data Management

    EMSWebMap runs strictly from a centrally based ArcGIS Server. With a data management system that runs from one single server, the need for advanced pc's and high end workstation technology is eliminated. Users can also take comfort in knowing their data is secure.

    Simplistic User Interface

    EMSWebMap's interface is designed with user efficiency in mind. EMSWebMap users enjoy a large viewable map area. They benefit from EMSWebMap's rapid search tools. In any work environment, the integration of new tools and programs can require numerous hours of training. With EMSWebMap's simple user interface, the need for training is virtually eliminated.

  • Widely Distributed GIS Data

    Through optimization of ArcServer services and the XML-controlled EMSWebMap customizations, all users will better access your GIS data. EMSWebMap can be used directly in the field because it is developed with the minimal air card bandwith in mind.


    EMSWebMap reads an XML document and can be configured to fit the user's needs controlling nearly every aspect of the application content including search criteria, service content and behavior, as well as external links.

    • Full redline capability

    • Enhanced WYSIWYG printing functionality with templates and logos

    • SDE data creation and editing

    • Search on multiple fields with dynamic candidate lists

    • Search on related and stand-alone tables

    • Enhanced maptip display and hyperlinking

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