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Far more than just a camera, the G700SE is a rugged, all-in-one information gathering device.

The Ricoh G700SE is a digital camera with a host of advanced features. It is an ideal data gathering and asset inventory device suitable for numerous applications and industries.

GPS Ready to Capture Location Data with Your Images

The Ricoh G700SE delivers a streamlined process for integrating quality images into mapping software applications, offering the ideal solution for GIS professionals when coupled with additional photo mapping software. This solution embeds GPS data coordinates with captured images automatically and seamlessly transfers pictures and data to mapping software.

The G700SE is ideal for

Utilities and other operations that use bar codes for asset inventory
Police, military, and other institutions that gather secure information
Collecting information in harsh or rugged environments
Gathering location and direction information with images
Transmitting information from the field rather than waiting to return to the office

What is it?

The Ricoh G700SE is a multifaceted digital camera with advanced data capture, storage, and transmission capabilities.

What does it do?

This camera gives superb photographic results in challenging industrial and outdoor conditions. It includes a large internal data dictionary for user-defined input, it can transmit photos wirelessly, and it can be fitted with a GPS receiver and a laser bar code reader.

How can it help me?

For high quality photos under a wide range of conditions, streamlined workflows and data security, this camera can help you get the information you need when and where you need it.


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  • High performance photographic capabilities
    • 12.1 million effective pixels

    • 28-140 mm 5x optical zoom lens

    • Mode dial to enable speedy change of setttings

    • Electronic vibration correction

    • Electronic level

    Rugged construction
    • Shock resistant - can withstand a 2.0 m drop test

    • Chemical resistant - can be disinfected with ethanol or sodium hypochlorite

    • Water resistant - can be cleaned with water and used in the rain

    • Underwater use - can be used up to 2 hours at depths down to 5 m

    • Wide temperature tolerance: -10 C to 40 C (14 F to 104 F)

    • Resistant to dust and sand infiltration

  • Data gathering and transmission
    • User-defined attributes (memos) can be stored with images

    • Enormous attribute storage: 20 columns by 100 rows

    • Can record audio and video as well as still photos

    • Audio, video, and attribute files are stored with each image

    • Bar code support: one- and two-dimensional bar codes can be read using the camera lens

    • Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities come as standard features

    • Coordinates can be obtained from external GPS devices via Bluetooth

    • Images can be sent by high-speed data transfer to smartphones and other supported devices

  • GP-1 GPS unit with electronic compass
    • GPS accuracy of approximately 5 m

    • Location information can be attached to photos or videos

    • Electronic compass records the direction the user is facing

    • GPS coordinates are automatically stored in image file header

    • Associated user-defined attributes are stored with image and coordinates

    • Images and videos can be displayed with or without coordinates and compass direction

  • Camera locks and other features
    • Lock all camera operations

    • Lock internal memory playback

    • Restrict camera setting changes

    • Supports the ScanDisk Corporation SD WORM (write once read many) card for securely recording police, fire, and defense-related scenes

    • Restrict use to SD WORM cards

    • Includes a high-accuracy image edit detection function to increase data reliability when digital photographs are submitted as evidence

  • BR-1 laser bar code reader unit
    • Capable of reading one-dimensional bar codes

    • Images, bar codes and associated user-defined attributes are all stored together

    • Emitted laser light allows bar codes to be read even under dark conditions

  • An onboard data dictionary allows you to store important information about your images.

  • Images can be displayed with or without associated data.

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