GeoBlu Services is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) development and services company providing cost effective UAV solutions used in image analysis and remote sensing.


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GeoBlu Services UAV platforms have the option of real-time viewing using either a ground station monitor or video display goggles, giving the user a first-person view as though they were holding the camera. GeoBlu Services UAV platforms also feature an autopilot assist mode which provides simple, up, down, left, right controls over the UAV while stabilizing the aircraft automatically.

The Explorer is the GeoBlu "Bird in a Box," a compact, portable four-rotor aircraft that's quick to set up and easy to fly.

If battery power is lost during flight, the autopilot assist feature will still control the UAV's descent and enable it to land safely.

There is a "return home" function that the user can activate at any time during a flight that will direct our UAV platform back to the operator.

GPS and altimeters along with small, on-board video cameras with micro-video transmitters enable pilots on the ground wearing digital video goggles to "fly" as though they were sitting in the pilot's seat.

Our UAV platforms allow the uploading of GPS or Google Earth data to compute flight path coordinates and automatic flight routes. It also enables the operator to enter specific routes, speeds, altitudes and hover times over each point.

A gyro stabilizer controls the camera to keep it oriented in a constant direction and is excellent for aerial photography. The built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that control flight can also be used to simultaneously control motorized camera mounts to keep the cameras level and correct for undesired tip and tilt.

Digital cameras are connected to an onboard video transmitter to send video signals directly to a small receiver connected to a ground station monitor or video display goggles.

GeoBlu Explorer: Top Ten New Product winner at the 2014 World Ag Expo

"This new lightweight, battery-powered unmanned aerial vehicle gives farmers and ranchers an eye in the sky, enabling them to make quick, easy work of a wide range of visual monitoring or remote sensing chores, from scouting crops and tracking livestock to inspecting storm damage.

The GeoBlu Explorer offers a time-saving, practical alternative to walking fields to assess crop conditions or jumping onto an ATV to check on a herd of cattle, says Jared Siegler, owner of GeoBlu Services.

It can also be used to spot symptoms of disease or other threats to crop productivity, which the human eye can't detect. "

What is it?

GeoBlu offers three multi-rotor remote controlled miniature aircraft designed for a range of aerial mapping applications.

What does it do?

These batter-powered aircraft can carry different types of sensors to collect a wide variety of data.

How can it help me?

Aerial imaging and remote sensing are made far more cost-effective, making these techniques readily available to customers from individual land owners to large corporations and government agencies.


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